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Bobby and the Strays…

While attending a networking event recently I met Roberta “Bobbi” Giordano, the founder of Bobbi and the Strays. She recently took over the animal shelter in Freeport. I have been told that this shelter was in terrible state until Bobby took over. Read about it HERE

I can’t help by adopting a dog or a cat myself, because I am highly allergic to all animals. If I was not allergic I would not hink twice about giving Charlie or Bronx a loving home. BUT I can help by telling you about this great organization.

If you are thinking of choosing a dog or a cat as a pet, go see Bobby and her staff at the Freeport Animal Shelter (2 Rider Place) instead of going to the pet store. There are so many animals waiting for someone to give them a hug and a warm bed.

You can also find them on Facebook at or watch some of the videos at


The Rules in the Networking Playground

My friend and great business networking events organizer Adrian Miller wrote a great article on the Rules of Networking.

Every entrepreneurs should read this!!

More than ever, networking has become an essential skill for every business person. Taking the time to meet others in your industry and discover ways to help them and how they can help you can be both rewarding and lucrative. Unfortunately, not everyone has learned how to network effectively, and yes, many out there are not playing well in the networking playground.

Could this be about you?

Read the entire article HERE


And while we are at the subject, Action Coach has a great  article too  Top-Tips-for-Effective-Networking

Read it HERE


Neil Ackerman upgrades all previous raffle prizes…

Did you ever win a gift certificate offered by Neil Ackerman??

Take the time to collect on it now!!

All gift certificates won at the raffles at previous Long Island Entrepreneurs Meetings for massages or website design by Neil Ackerman get an upgrade.

  • Website design will be upgraded to $250 off for anyone using them before the end of January.
  • All massage discounts will be upgraded to $20 off home, private or corporate and further discounts are available for on site corporate massage jobs.

Contact Neil at The Right Touch

I would love to list YOUR business HERE…

Start the New Year off with a listing on the Business Directory on this very successful Long Island Entrepreneurs Blog for only $25 for a WHOLE YEAR.

If you are interested, please send me an email with the following information:

- The category you would like to be listed under
– The company name
– Your name
– Your website
(or if you have no website your phone number or email address)
– A short description of your product or service

Payment can be done through Paypal, in person at the next meeting or you can send me a check.

I hope to hear from you soon,

For whatever you choose to celebrate…

Merry Christmas

Click and be surprised ;-)




Is There a Unique Gift Under $15 That’s Eco-Friendly and Gives to Charity???

The Answer: It’s My Bag!

It’s My Bag is a redesigned clothing bag that is both a hamper and clothes carrier all in one! To give an example, one use for this Bag is dry cleaning and like a grocery bag, It’s My Bag eliminates the dry cleaning plastic that we now dump in our landfills.

Also, at It’s My B, Inc. they believe in giving to those in need.
Currently for the Holidays, we have a “Giving Back” proceeds donation drive benefiting 2 pre-selected charities. The first is a charity for helping women with cancer, the second is a military support charity.

With each purchase, your name will be entered into the Grand Raffle for a reusable It’s My Bag autographed by a growing number* of public figures.
* A founding member of the team, the creator of Tony & Tina’s Wedding on Broadway, New York Democratic Senator Charles Schumer, Republican LI-NY Executive Ed Mangano (Green/Sustainable is Universal!), 2 members of a hot new rock band, 2 Long Island based business leaders with multi-national connections, an up-in-coming small business expert/author, Steve Madden of Madden Shoes.