Testimonials after the July 14th meeting…

Howard and Yvonne Bisk
“ Oh my gosh, what a crowd and what a great new venue. Despite the summer months, vacations, warm weather, over 40 people showed up for the meeting. GREAT!! I was happy to great some members I had not seen in a long time, a bunch of newbies and of course the faithful ones that come each time. Thank you Jake Caramico for stepping in as the special speaker, since Tony Sabatino had to postpone his turn to August 11th.

Marc Stuart
“ Very impressive turnout. Howard & Yvonne did a very nice job.

Finn Mauritzen
“ I like this format. It is quieter than a restaurant and cheaper. ”

“ Overall I thought it was good, although I thought it ran too long. I thought that the food was good and a nice bonus. I would attend again. ”

“ I really enjoy the crowd at this meetup. Plenty of room to move around & a great group of business people attended this meetup. ”

Maryanne Agricola
“ I thought it was a very well run meeting by Yvonne, Howard and Jake. I loved meeting everyone and swapping business cards and then talking with some people after the meeting. ”

Susan Pratt
“ I liked the meetup very much, it was my 1st with any meetup group. I only had the time to speak to a few people afterwards, very nice sincere group of people. ”

Jake Caramico
“ Great group of people and many different opportunities to grow ”

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