After the October 27th meeting….

Howard and Yvonne Bisk –
“ On this rainy Tuesday evening it was great to see so many enthusiastic networkers get together. Unfortunately our special speaker had to cancel, but that left us more time to mix and mingle. Everyone left happy, with new information and with new contacts. ”

David and Natalie Lynshue –
“ I had a great time meeting some very benevolent people who are willing to listen as well as share helpful advice.

Nora –
“ Yvonne and Howard are terrific Hosts! The Networking Event was filled with Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners from varied industries. It was a pleasure to meet with them all! ”

Christine Smith –
“ Finally made it to the meetup! It’s about time! Met very nice people, Looking forward to the next one.

Betsy Maniotis –
“ There were quite a few new people there with interesting businesses, as well as current members. In addition to having a good time, I made some friends and business contacts

Sherri –
“ I am always glad to attend one of their events. Nice group of people attend, too. ”

Artemis Ginnis –
“ I loved it. It was fun, informative and really great to meet new people!!!


One response to “After the October 27th meeting….

  1. Beverly and I were pleasantly surprised. Lots of energy and positive attitude. We will be back 🙂
    Good group.

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