Donna Bliss has worked hard the last 9 years to make her online business a success..

And it is !!

Read the latest article on My Miracle in Suffolk Parent:

Long Island MomBiz: Donna Bliss and

On any given day, after sending her daughter off to school, Nesconset resident Donna Bliss can be found hard at work in the basement of her home, now converted into a warehouse full of racks and shelves containing 2,300 baby clothing products ready to be packaged and shipped to customers who order online at

The business was inspired by Bliss’ own personal miracle baby – her daughter,  Jillian. After six pregnancy attempts, Bliss was finally able to get pregnant, but then was laid off from her corporate marketing job at Computer Associates right before September 11, 2001. Out of desperation, she tried to sell Jillian’s old baby clothes and toys on eBay. Soon, she realized she could sell more by starting her own Web site. With her experience writing Web content, the help of a Web designer, and wholesalers to sell her baby products that she could then resell, was born. The first day Bliss started with 50 products and sold just $7 worth. But, eight years later, sales have reached almost $300,000.

For the complete story, click here

Way to go, Donna.

Congrats on being published AGAIN 😉


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