Do you like to play POKER ??

Jim has been communicating with me for a while.
If you are into network marketing, MLM, direct marketing… contact him. And let him know that I refered you to him. I am not getting ANYTHING out of this… I just want to let him know that I followed up in my promise 😉

My friends started this company and it is really exploding. I am the immediately frontline to the corporation and need a NY group leader.

This is certainly a non-traditional business compared to a store front. But, it’s fun, low investment, makes tons of money and has residuals! Since it just rolled out you can own the Long Island market

We have lots of poker players in the business there but need an MLM pro to direct them!

Please watch this video on our opportunity.

I appreciate the Jim Rohn comment. Truly my greatest mentor. We will all miss him. I got to know him when my wife Kim worked the corporate side of The Peoples Network years ago.

Make today a great day!


The Poker Training Networks Best Business Builders!

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