Karma…what can happen if you offer a raffle prize at the Long Island Entrepreneurs Meeting…

I love when stuff is in-my-face karma! This has happened very recently and beyond, and is still manifesting after an introduction last year. Both of these are biz related and about being totally letting go of competitiveness, that is, going with the philosophy that “there’s enough to go around”- which is in total harmony with “abundance” theories.

So here is the telling:)

Tonight I gave a talk in a local bookshop in Long Island (that is now carrying my newly published book, SOAR! with Resilience: http://www.balanceandpower.com/soarwithresilience.php) to a well attended group of   singles- organized by a singles event planner  who won my raffle for a complimentary coaching session at a well attended networking venue…

2) at the beginning of the year, a colleague, who I invited to collaborate with me in LI Head Start trainings at a Staff Development-Conference venue “passed” me on to a CUNY(City University of NY) rep. I am currently doing trainings and have had advance group sales of my book for courses.

All good! What goes around comes around:)

Eileen Lichtenstein

One response to “Karma…what can happen if you offer a raffle prize at the Long Island Entrepreneurs Meeting…

  1. Yes, KARMA its also called synchronicity too! I let the raffle go to someone else and it also paid off for me too. I was also please with the turn out of 40 singles on a rainy day. Glad you were able to join us Eileen and promote your book to all the singles that attended. I once read Money is actually just energy manifested. CURRENCY comes from the Latin word – to FLOW which means if you let it go it will continue to flow back and forth but if you hold onto it …( like a DAM) it will stay the same.
    So let if flow this year.
    Wishing you all the best in the coming New Year!

    Warm Regards,

    Gail Adams- Event Coordinator

    7 in-Heaven Singles Events

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