2009 Networking Awards :)

From http://www.516ADS.com

Thank you David

With few exceptions, anyone who has participated in LI Networking this past year is a WINNER!!! We’re looking forward to an even better 2010!!!

They Love Networking Award (Tie):
Yvonne Bisk & Sherri Gillespie.They don’t count, they just do. They love to network and both supply LOTS of info on upcoming events. They have a passion for it; and it shows. Both are great friends of the LI Networking world, and a great resource too!!!

Networking Quote of the Year:
“You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.” – Dale Carnegie.

Delicious Networking Award:
To some, this may be an upset. Clearly Panera Bread’s Pecan Braid Pastry was the early favorite 🙂 However, at deadline Tiffany O’Reilly- IslandCatastrophe.comsubmitted a Nutter-Butter pie, throw in her Chili Cook-off  submission and Tiffany takes the prize. Congrats Tiffany! Delicious!!!

Kickoff Event of the Year:

Led by John Hill,  the September 23, 2009 Kickoff event  for the Long Island Advancement of Small Business was spectacular!!! Over 300 people in attendance, LOTS of passion, EXCELLENT event! Check ’em out: – liasb.com

New Event/Group of the Year:
The Lunch Break- Hosted by Helen Zagaro- StarPromoz.com& often sponsored by Steve Cochrane- GreetingCards.li, got off to a great start and hasn’t stopped since. Thanksgiving in July, a Chili Cook-off contest, great people, great food,  always a  afternoon of quality networking!

Event of the Year:

The quarterly Westbury Manor Eventis always a SPECIAL EVENT!!!  The most accurate description remains, it’s like going to a wedding, without having to bring a gift. Simply, THE BEST!!!

Rookie of the Year:
Not a rookie to business, just to our networking circles, Mike Cousins – mikeprotectsmyfamily.comstarted networking months before he opened his State Farm/ Ronkonkoma offices. Mike hosts the Mama Mia’s FREE Networking Nights, sponsors many events across LI and everyone seems to think that it does great work and that he’s a great guy!!! Talk about word of mouth advertising! If you’re looking to break into networking/ the business world, whatever Mike’s doing, copy him!

Best Igniter of Business:
Michele Michael/ Commercial Realtor & Signs.lihoncho:) –  Michele runs many networking events, including LI Commercial Realtors Network, the Melville Chamber, Island Business Force &  Farmingdale/ Panera events. While that alone is worthy of the honor, that’s not what makes Michele special. It’s her attitude of working to create business. She’s constantly helping fellow networkers, constantly creating relationships for herself and others, it happens to be good for business, she does it cause … that’s what she naturally does!!! A great teammate, you can’t have a better friend in networking than Michele Michael.

2009 Networker of the Year:

She’s a NYS Small Business Person of the Year Award winner, she was inducted into the Suffolk County Women’s Hall of Fame, representing NYS … she met President Obama, she’s a Long Island Way Cause Champion, she started the NYS Cleaning for a Reason chapter, her weekly newsletter (networking friendly:)is a National Award winner, she’s a Long Island Way Cause Champion & lately she been leading the fight to get the MTA Tax repealed … ladies and gentlemen it is out honor to name: Teresa Ward-TeresasFamilyCleaning.com  our 2009 – Networker of the Year!!!


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