What Is Social Media? Find Out On January 7th!


Maybe you are just getting started with social media and have questions about how it can help you and your business.

Maybe you are already using social media and have questions about getting more from your efforts.

Maybe you have questions about how social media can impact search engine initiatives.

Maybe you are feeling left out and just want a better understanding of the hot social media terms everyone is using?

Whatever your question is, this is the virtual call that will get you the answers to your specific questions.

Jerry Alloca, author of Connected Culture: The Art of Communicating with the Digital Generation and President of CORE Interactive, will answer all of your questions about social media.

To make sure that your questions are answered, register for the virtual call. Then send your questions directly to Jerry Allocca, the web guy, at [Jerry@CORE.bz] before the end of the year and he will share the answer to your question during the virtual call. Please include “anet question” in the subject line of the email and if you want your question anonymous. If Jerry doesn’t have time to answer all questions, he will respond to you privately after the virtual call.

Click here to register for the January 7th Virtual Networking Meeting, focusing on Social Media.

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