You think you are having a bad time ???

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Save Becky

One could say I had the worst year, EVER.  In the course of approximately one year (Late April 2008 – Early May 2009) the following things happened to me.
Car Accident
Blood Clot…Then a Stroke
Medically Necessary Pregnancy Termination
The Love of My Life Passes Away
Lost My Job

Any one of these things happening to someone in a lifetime might be traumatic, but all 5 things happened to me in a period of a year (give or take a week).

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More about Becky…

My full name is Rebecca, but everyone has called me Becky since I can remember.  A lot of folks call me Beck or Beckster, which, I don’t really mind, it’s better than, “hey you!” I’m a Long Island girl, born and raised.  I have a “Lawn Guyland” accent, which I am very proud of. I have a big mouth.  I am addicted to reality television.  I am very stubborn.  I love everything bagels. I am independent.  I am obsessed with celebrity gossip. I go through bouts of blogging, periodically.  I hate milk. I love chocolate cookie dough ice cream and I collect magnets.


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