We went to see AVATAR on Christmas Day and I (who is not a SCIFI lover) thought it was awesome. So spiritual, so beautiful, so full of  love and of course… violence. I cried a few times, esp. when the humans destroyed so much beauty. I also dug away a few times, because of the 3D effects.

I think the ONLY way to see the movie is in 3D. It will cost you extra for the glasses (and I do not think they will give you a discount if you bring 3D glasses from friends or family who have already seen it), but it is worth it for the way it draws you into the movie is incredible.

I just read a blog post by a friend of mine, Rhonda of Kids Awakening, explaining how her kids received the movie… interesting.

Kids Initiate Deep Discussions About Life After Watching Avatar

We took our kids to see Avatar on my birthday (Dec. 23) and we all loved it so much we went back to see it again in 3D*.

The first reason why I loved the movie so much is because it contains two of my favorite elements: sci-fi and spirituality. The second is because of one of the prevalent themes in the Pandora world: “We are all one with each other, as well as with the animals, plants, trees and all of nature”.

I shared this observation with my kids…but they didn’t quite agree with my assessment. They noticed other themes in the movie and not that one.

The spirituality shown in the movie to me was absolutely the best part. I loved the movie.

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