Long Island’s newest author – Charles Berton

My friend Helene’s husband Charlie just published his first novel.
It’s a really fun book to read. And I love it when people follow their dreams and accomplish something 😉


Where can you go and who can you watch when free of physical boundaries? Anywhere and anyone – but at what price? In Carl’s complacency, his professional and personal life begin to suffer. Then, when certain happenings spill from his nocturnal dreams into reality, it occurs to him that he has stumbled upon the vehicle for out-of-body experiences, providing the diversion he needs. Pauli, a struggling comic reeling from a messy divorce, is Carl’s only confidant and hopeful benefactor of this mysterious gift. Beyond their comprehension is the far reaching power of Carl’s invisible influence until they, along with friends and family, find themselves in grave peril with organized crime. You are invited as spectators of this incredible journey that pushes love, loyalty and humor to their breaking points!

It’s available on Amazon.com

And Charlie also has a website with more info – http://charlesberton.com/


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