‘kids helping kids’

Haiti rescue Unicef effort
Alexandra Zafra, a member of the Long Island Entrepreneurs Meetup – www.GreenFormes.com, has a 12 year old daughter who is a Unicef volunteer and has created a website ‘kids helping kids’ to support the Unicef Youth Volunteer Team named US of Care http://inside.unicefusa.org/goto/usofcare.

Unicef has a long standing presence in Haiti (among many other things)and in fact, many of their own rescue workers have been affected by this horrific natural disaster. All donations are made payable directly to Unicef and are, of course, tax deductable, all personal information is confidential and remains with Unicef. Volunteers only know of the gift amounts made to Unicef through the team, names of supporters (which can be, and we hope are, corporate entities), and their email address. The webpage also has contact information to address any questions directly to Unicef.

This kids helping kids effort not only illustrates an example of community service and global citizenship development amongst our Long Island youth, but more fundamentally, it brings communities together to lend a hand in however little or big ways.


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