Thoughts on Haiti

I know there are loads and loads of action going on to help the people in Haiti and I can not list all of them, but when a member of the Long Island Entrepreneurs Group starts something… I will post it:

Beginning immediately, Blue Firmament in Rockville Center will be accepting donated items. These items will be shipped to Haiti by plane donated by American Airlines on Thursday.

Immediate Assistance Needed.  Drop Off Today!!!

Desperately Needed Items

*    Water
*    Antibiotic Ointment
*    Paper Towels
*    Garbage Bags
*    Bandages
*    Wipes
*    Cotton Balls
*    Alcohol Wipes
*    Adult & Children’s Tylenol
*    Blood Pressure Cuffs
*    Diapers
*    Eye Drops
*    Baby Formula
*    Burn Cream
*    Medical Tape
*    Butterfly Closure
*    Sanitizer
*    Nuskin
*    Benadryl
*    Children’s Vitamins
*    Non – latex Gloves
*    Syringes
*    Scalpel
*    Peroxide
*    Qtips
*    Face Masks
*    Lidocaine Patches

Blue Firmaments doors are always open to help all races, religions, creed and colors.

Always Keep the World in your Prayers!

Blue Firmament
202 Merrick Road
Rockville Centre, NY 11570
open 12-6 closed on Monday

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