Opportunity to promote your business

I am the Solicitations Committee chair for the Fashion Show/Chinese Auction to be held on June 6th, 2010 at my daughter’s preschool.

The event is attended by well over 600 people. If you wish to donate something and gain an opportunity to promote your business, please let me know. I will need your info at the latest by March 3rd, 2010!!

All donations will be raffled off. Donations are made into “baskets.”
The event is private to the school and its family and friends.
It is not a public event. However, the turnout last year was over 600 people.

There is a master basket list which is sent around to the >200 parents to review in advance, and of course they are available during the auction as well.

There is also a program that is created, which DOES get read by all the attendees as they await to view the fashion show. For a business card size ad, the cost is $20.

Danielle Zanzarov
Life coach specializing in health and wellness at Health 4 Parents


One response to “Opportunity to promote your business

  1. Hi! I’m happy to donate product to your event, and would also like to purchase two business card sized ads, one for GRiPPiES and one for my graphic design company, Design Solutions LI Corp.

    Please let me know when we can talk, GRiPPiES makes a nice raffle basket with character socks, GRiPPiES tights and a pack of each of our GRiPPiES adhesive shapes, packed in a pop up hamper. Retail value is about $45.


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