Seven Healthy Breakfast’s to Power Your Lifestyle

Following Danielle Zanzarov’s workshop ( during our last meeting, let’s have some healthy breakfasts. Oatmeal and pancakes are the obvious ones, but take a look at the delicious other options…


Seven Healthy Breakfast’s to Power Your Lifestyle

By David R Donohue, M.A.

It’s hard to work good nutrition into our busy days. We’re working longer and longer hours and still trying to fit in 30 to 60 minutes of daily exercise, not to mention all the studies coming out that say we’re not getting nearly enough sleep. Our time is at a premium; the snooze button gets pushed a few times grabbing that last minute of snooze. Breakfast often turns into eating last night’s leftover takeout during the morning commute. Or worse, it turns into no breakfast at all.

People often skip breakfast in hopes of getting more sleep or losing more weight, but in fact, people who replace breakfast with extra sleep end up having less energy. Breakfast skippers also tend to gain more weight.

Read the whole article here


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