The Case of The Ocean Polluters in Alaska

A business card does not always refect the total package a person represents.

Lidia LoPinto and her husband Charles are both chemical/environmental engineers. They created this series of novels to entertain and bring a powerful environmental message to the general public. “We want others to understand what we understand. The environment is fragile, but it is not beyond repair. With good management and planning, we can have our high standard of living and still preserve our environment.”

The review of their first book “The Case of The Ocean Polluters in Alaska” (The Adventures of Juliana Del Rio: EPA/FBI, Book 1) says it all:

I wondered if this novel could possibly live up to being WORTH the asking price. I’m happy to report that if enviornmental stories are what you like, this new series is for you: if you are as new to them as I, let these authors make you a fan! S

ean Ryan, an experienced CIA and FBI agent, is transferred to the newly established Enviornmental Crimes Unit where he feels women should work, and not Soldiers. He does not want to catch ‘paint dumpers’and fears this is a backward step. His first case is playing the husband of EPA investigator Juliana Del Rio aboard an Alaskan Cruise Liner. (These cruise ships have been reported transporting toxic wastes and then dumping the contents outside the three mile limit.) Ms Del Rio has the knowledge to test the waste and add more weight to the convictions as set forth by the FBI. Just as they are wrapping up this case, Sean becomes enmeshed in the larger and unknown case having to do with the illegal manufacture and usage of nuclear weaponry, politicos on the take and the cover-ups they create to hide their dealings. With help from unlikely people, Julie is rescued before she gets too far over her head — although as a beginner she does get herself into deep waters. Nothing they can’t handle, though!

This was a well-written cozy with some interesting and thought-provoking information about nukes. I felt the focus was on the illegality as it pertained to the “World” and not just “Our Little Corner” of it. Worth reading if only for that. (The Adventures of Juliana Del Rio: EPA/FBI – Book #1, The Case of the Ocean Polluters in Alaska was previously published under the title: “Countdown in Alaska”)

Reviewed by Thomas Biblewski for the Baker Street Distpatch

All their books are available on AMAZON


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