Do you want your college kid to eat a little healthier?

College students don’t even need a real kitchen to settle their stomachs. Organic instant meals require little more than a microwave, so you can eat well even if you’re no culinary arts major.

The benefits
·    Healthier chefs. The average American eats 72 frozen meals per year; these healthier versions don’t contain synthetic preservatives, which are linked to respiratory problems and may even aggravate ADHD.
·    Next-to-no prep. Most don’t require a fridge, and you can easily zap these suckers in the microwave or pour hot water on ’em to chow down in minutes.
·    Eco-friendlier pantry packing. Organic farming steers clear of herbicides and pesticides, helping keep soil fertile for future generations.

Wanna Try?

Add Hot Water
·    Nature’s Path Instant Hot Oatmeal – for hurried weekday mornings, this sweet, organic oatmeal fits the bill – we like the Flax flavor with a spoonful of peanut butter and a splash of half-and-half ($5/eight packets).
·    Annie Chun’s Soup Bowls – lots of different Asian-inspired flavors (including the yummy Teriyaki), in a biodegradable bowl ($4).
·    Koyo Dry Ramen – tastier than your average ramen, try these organic, heirloom wheat noodles with six flavor packet options, check out the tangy Lemongrass Ginger ($1).

·    Annie’s Homegrown Microwavable Mac and Cheese – organic pasta with real cheddar makes for better feasting than your average micro-mac ($29/30).
·    Gogo Rice Medley – simple but tasty organic wild rice bowl; ready in 90 seconds flat ($24/12).
·    Moosewood Restaurant Frozen Entrees – great frozen entrees from the folks behind the Moosewood cookbook

series; we like the Farfalle with Spinach Pesto Sauce ($4).
·    Seeds of Change Frozen Entrees – they could serve the Turkish Seven Grain Pilaf at a restaurant, and we wouldn’t know it had been zapped ($4).
·    Amy’s Kitchen Burritos – filling ingredients wrapped in flour tortillas; wins points for having the least packaging of the options here. New: Indian wraps in whole wheat tortillas; we’re also into Amy’s hearty soups ($3-$4).

Ready-To-Eat snacks

·    Clif Kid Twisted Fruit – fruit leather: it’s not just for kids. Evidence: these six yummy flavors (try mixed berry) from the Clif Bars folks ($16/18).
·    Newman’s Own Popcorn – organic version of Papa Paul’s micro popcorn ($4).
You may also want to try the Wholefood snacks from the WHOLEFOOD FARMACY
Click on PRODUCTS and then on WHOLEFOODS



One response to “Do you want your college kid to eat a little healthier?

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