I finally had some time to sort out a few more EBooks for you…

Send me an email at LIEntrepreneurs@yahoo.com if you would like to receive any of these EBook

Mind and Memory
The Scientific Approach to Memory and Mental Development
by David Mitchell, A.B., A.M., Ph.D.
52 pages

Your Inivisible Power
A Presentation of the Mental Science of Judge Thomas Troward
by Genevieve Behrend
81 pages

40 Fab Fun Ways to add Humor Every Day
Ideas & Inspirations for Rib-Tickers and Smile Makers
Humorous Quotes from Notable Authorities
By Caro Top Rainbow – a heart for clowning
6 pages

Above Life’s Turmoil
The turmoil of the world we can not avoid, but the disturbances of the mind we can overcome
By James Allen
58 pages

Banish Bad Habits
How To Free Yourself From Bad Habits, Forever
27 pages

Blogging for Business made easy
A blog, or web-log as it was once called, is today’s version of the diary
10 pages


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