Are you getting married between May and June 2010 ???

I received this letter:

Hello Howard and Yvonne,

I’m a Casting Director for a very well-known and respected hit wedding show on the Style Network called Whose Wedding is it Anyway? I wanted to share this info for you and your group!

We are casting for our 11th season and we are looking for couples with big personalities in the tri-state area.

Two themes we’re specifically looking for this season will be Bride vs. Groom (Finding couples that aren’t agreeing on the planning of their wedding, whether its the decor, food, formal/informal etc. The bride and groom will compete in fun lighthearted tasks/games, to win their dream theme for the wedding and they’ll get 10K toward their wedding costs). ONLY ONE MORE EPISODE LEFT TO CAST.

And the second theme is a Shared Wedding (ONLY 2 EPISODES LEFT)! Have you or someone you know ever thought of sharing their wedding day with a family member (mother, daughter, sister, cousin) to make the most unique double wedding of a lifetime? Did one of you get cheated out of a real wedding and want to have a double ceremony to renew your vows? This is your chance to share a special memory together that you’ll never forget!!! They also get 10K toward their wedding costs.


WE CAN…do one or two platinum weddings if you have couples with a big budget as well.

I would really appreciate if you can send my casting call to any of your group members, wedding professionals you may know, friends and family members, the more the merrier!

Looking for couples would you like to get married between May and July 2010? The deadline for applications is April 20, 2010. Send us an email with your story and recent photos to

Thanks so much and if you have any questions, please feel free to call or email.

I look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your help.
— —
Dominique Bouchard
Casting Director
Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?
W: 212.763.3649
C:  718.986.6212


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