Adrian’s Top Five Networking Gaffes

Thought you’d be interested/amused by the following:

Top Five Networking Gaffes

Number 1 – Not Saying Thank You to the Person Who Made the Introduction

An introduction is a gift. Treat it as such. Thank the person who gave it to you, regardless if it leads to a sale or not.

Number 2 – Not Following Up with Introduction in a Prompt Manner

We’re all busy, but following up with an introduction should always be prioritized. Without a timely follow-up, you are sending a clear message that you don’t care, and you very well could miss out on a potentially lucrative opportunity.

Number 3 – Blowing off an Introduction Because You Don’t Think They’re Worthy

Don’t ever make assumptions when it comes to introductions. Often times, it’s those that seem the least plausible that become the most valuable to you. Keep your mind open and treat every introduction equally.

Number 4 – Not Taking the Time to Learn About the Introduction

Do your homework before you pick up that phone. By learning about the introduction beforehand, you’ll have a good foundation for determining how you can help each other.

Number 5 – Being Overbearing or Overreaching

Just as you don’t say “I love you” on a first date, don’t scare away an introduction with being too aggressive. Take your time to determine ways to best work together and let your relationship flourish.

Looking forward to our next meetup and in the meantime check out for more info.

Adrian Miller


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