Using Twitter to Market Your Business

Innovative Social Media Solutions For The Entrepreneur

Sandra McCarty’s latest post is not only oh so true, it gives me a little kick in the butt about now using Twitter enough 😉 Thank you Sandra. But, like Sandra likes to do, highlights some of the members of the Long Island Entrepreneurs Meetup group!!


Twitter is a free and easy way for small businesses to build relationships with their customers by offering free advice or relevant news about their business and the industry they are in. For example, Falco Maintenance LLC can use Twitter to highlight how the special blend of  enzymes in its flagship product Poof, the magic stain remover quickly removes all kinds of stains and is made only with organic components. Joe Pipitone of  The Healthy Italian can use it to spread the word about the nutritional value of its gluten-free and dairy-free meal plans as well as any upcoming gluten-free experience. Really, Twitter does exactly what a sandwich board propped outside a coffee shop does. It draws the attention of those reading your words.

If you are in a field where discounts or specials are difficult to use to promote your product or services, not to worry! Yvonne Bisk of Long Island Entrepreneurs can still make Twitter work for her by using it to talk directly to the members of her business network as well as prospective members. Eileen Lichtenstein CEO of  Balance & Power, Inc can  tell  her followers what she has been reading (as long as it’s relevant to their interests) or about her upcoming tele-seminars, Arthur Singer of OpticMasters can answer frequently asked questions about eye care, and share upcoming seminars on eye care. If you are in the real estate industry and an exclusive buyer’s agent like Ira Freireich of Best Buyers Brokers Reality, you can share the benefits of using an exclusive buyer to represent you when you are buying your home. If you are a dentist like Dr Lidia Epel, share with your followers how they can improve the health of their mouth and have a wonderful smile. In other words, add value to the online community.

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