After the Meetup – April 13, 2010

Robert Cohen –
“It is always fun with Howard and Yvonne. I made a few nice contacts.”

Howard and Yvonne Bisk –
“With 15 people present there was more time to mix and mingle (and more room) then with 30+, and I actually liked it very much this way. We had an improv presentation by Sandra McCarty who asked for assistance by Mike Ayalon, about how to use Social Media effectively for business purposes. Great job guys. And at the coming meeting the two of them will do a full blown, interactive presentation. Don’t miss it; it is going to be powerful!”

Charles Gueli –
“I feel that the organization is very worthwhile and that Yvonne & Howard try very hard to promote the members in various ways. Although the meeting was small and the speaker cancelled, I think the interaction was good and the impromtu speakers (Sandra & Michael) did a great job. I was very interested in their presentation. I’m happy to be a member.”

Charles Costa –
“Great setting, not too crowded, nice and quiet, and everyone there was given ample time to present their pitches, and Sandra and Michael did a great job as improv presenters when the scheduled guest had a last minute cancellation.”

George Peters –
“There were a number of competing networking events last night so only 12 people turned up but, we had a great extended discussion about using social web sites to promote your business or brand. It was very enlightening.”

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