Making connections…

I emphazise at every meeting that networking is not just about handing out your business card, but more baout making connections, making friends and helping each other. Even though you may be in a completely different field, you will be amazed about the creative options you have to work together.

For example: Lynette Ecklund of Passion Parties by Lynette connected with Andrew Horezga of the Royal Gold Group. What do they have in common? NOTHING. Lynette let’s you know what the BUZZ is all about 😉 and Andrew buys GOLD.

How can they work together?
Simply by combining their efforts at home parties. While Lynette is selling products, Andrew can help increase her sales by offering to buy the party visiters immediate cash for their unused, unwanted gold items, which can be spend on Lynette’s sensual products. A win-win situation for both. Actually Andrew can combine his business with any consultant that works their business through home parties.

Another example:
Eugenia Karahalias of “Unleash You Full Potential Now” has gotten very busy lately. After meeting Tami Raciniello of “It’s Time To Get Fit” at a networking event, they became friends and found a way to combine their businesses. They have teamed up to present a series of helpful workshops.

Tami talks about ”It’s Time to Get Rid of Limiting Beliefs” helping people turn their negative thoughts into positives and talked about obtaining a new career vs a keeping job, eating better, and how to make positive changes in people’s lives. Eugenia’ session is called “Hypnosis for Positive Intention”,  an effective live clinical group hypnosis based on getting rid of fears, anxiety, and anger. Tami and Eugenia have been putting on these events since January 2010 and have no plans of stopping due to the success of the event.
(Thanks to Bruce Chamoff’s post on

And Eugenia did not stop there. She also teamed up with Eileen Lichtenstein of “Balance and Power, Inc”. On May 2nd they will present “Managing Stress Effectively – Love yourself…Take care of yourself”. The two women have teamed up to provide you with an informative workshop to assist you with managing stress effectively.



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