Networking success…

Six months ago, I walked into my very first Long Island Entrepreneurs networking meeting in Bellmore hosted by Yvonne and Howard. I didn’t quite know what to expect but I figured it sounded like a fun thing to do.

WELL… 6 months later, I now know exactly how beneficial this one little meeting would be, and see now how it  has lead me to increased success in my business, and helped others to do the same.

For example at Yvonne’s meetings I met:

Eugenia E. Karahalias of UNLEASH YOUR FULL POTENTIAL NOW and we have now teamed up together to host REIKI HEALING for Singles once a month.

Tami Racaniello and I have now hosted a Discover YOGA event and have plans to hold Yoga events on the beach this summer.

I have had the pleasure of having Andrew Kressel of U Kneada a Massage, Adele Somyak Lia Sophia manager/advisor, Christie Ramirez Passion Parties and Tami and Eugenia have also attended and spoke at my Single Ladies Tea Social event to educate, entertain and advise the single ladies of their services and products.

Eileen Lichtenstein – Balance & Power enlightened our singles with great advise at our Dec Book Mingle for Singles. AND also made a good connection to promote her book locally!

Thanks to Bruce Chamoff – Long Island Podcast Network–  who suggested at a meeting that a BLOG will help bring you up on internet search. I now write a weekly 7 in Heaven Singles ADVICE BLOG for the newly single and in 4 month I have had 2,396 hits as I write this!

Many that I have met, have generously allowed me to raffle off coupons for my singles at my events including LAUREN & JEFF CROSSLEY of Ambit Energy who donated a raffle to win FREE HOTEL STAY at my Kris Kringle party and Superball Sunday Singles event.

And last but not least, Yvonne and Howard, I am grateful to you for hosting these events you hold, as none of the above would have happened without you!

Keep up your fantastic work,

Gail Adams- Event Coordinator
7 in-Heaven Singles Events
Dating Advise Blog


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