That’s what I call service!

I needed some info on cruises for a friend and asked around.
Tricia Gonzalez came back from her own mini vacation to Mexico, turned on her computer and immediately answered me. I think she had not even unpacked her suitcase 😉

That’s what I call service!

Tricia Gonzalez
Cruise Planners

One response to “That’s what I call service!

  1. Title of Comment:”Win a HP/AT&T iPAQ Glisten smartphone”
    Part one answers:
    1) The three Microsoft Office Applications that are pre-loaded on the HP/AT&T iPAQ Glisten smartphone are:
    The office suite of Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint,
    2) The powerhouse has 3G,
    3) AMOLED refers to the active-matrix organic light-emitting dioderesistive-touch display that offers vivid colors, true black, and outdoor readability with fast-touch response and better battery performance.

    Part Two answers:
    1) Name two things you should never do at business networking events. Fall asleep or pick your nose.
    2) Name two things you should always do at business networking events. Introduce yourself by saying your name with a genuine smile on your face, shaking hands warmly and firmly (but not too hard or like a limp rag), hand out your business card and get their card. Then make a note of where and how you met, info about them on the back including important follow up info.
    3) Name 2 things you should do after a business networking event. Organize cards by inputting them in an address book system. Reconnect either by e-mail or phone to set up a follow up meeting to nurture a relationship. Business is built on personal relationships first.

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