Remember the contest…

All you have to do is go to the post with the title Win a HP iPAQ Glisten smartphone..

simply click HERE

answer the questions…

and wait for the results to be announced on June 25th (my birthday 😉



2 responses to “Remember the contest…

  1. And if you do not win:

    HP has a special deal for the members of the Long Island Entrepreneurs Meetup Group: the HP iPAQ Glisten is now $79.99*!
    This offer is only valid through June 30th.

    For more information on the HP iPAQ Glisten:

  2. Win a HP/AT&T iPAQ Glisten smartphone
    1) Name 3 Microsoft Office Applications that are pre-loaded on the HP/ATT iPAQ Glisten smartphone.
    Answer: Word, Excel & PowerPoint

    How many G’s does this powerhouse have?
    Answer: 3G

    3) What is an AMOLED display?
    Answer: Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode
    Answer the following questions:
    1) Name two things you should never do at business networking events.
    • Try to sell someone something.
    • Talk about yourself and your business too much

    2) Name two things you should always do at business networking events.
    • Thank people that have helped you
    • Show an interest in learning about OTHER PEOPLES business

    3) Name 2 things you should do after a business networking event.
    • Follow up with an email and/or phone call
    • Try to set up a one-on-one follow up meeting with people you should network with.

    General comment:
    • Networking isn’t about making sales or setting up sales appointments on the spot — it’s about developing relationships. It’s about becoming known, liked, and trusted.

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