EBooks… I will gladly share…

Send me an email at LIEntrepreneurs@yahoo.com
if you would like to receive any of these EBooks

Think and Grow Rich
Napoleon Hill
218 pages

The Science of Getting Rich
Timeless wisdom and a practical step by step program
Wallace D. Wattles
64 pages

As a man thinketh
James Allen
22 pages

The Power of your subconscious mind
Joseph Murphy
200 pages

Getting your Groove Back
A guide to luscious living
Shan Vander Leek
34 pages

63 Killer Marketing Strategies
Dan Kennedy
89 pages

101 Ways to attract an abundance of clients
By Alicia Forest
25 pages

Take action now, the Top 20 excuse busters
By Steve Bretzke
5 pages

Secret Sources for Healing Foods and Natural Medicines That Can Save Your Life
By Mike Adams
68 pages

Million Dollar Rolodex 2008
Author 101
By Rick Frishman
99 pages

Keep Your Brain Young
The Complete guide to physical and emotional Health and Longevity (summary)
By Guy McKhann, M.D., and Marilyn Albert, ph.D.
14 pages

Making a prospect list once you’ve exhausted your “easy list”
This is an excerpt from Tom “Big Al” Schreiter’s 500+ page mega manual: 103 Ways & Places To Sponsor New Distributors.
24 pages

How to Find New Customers
The Definitive Guide to Driving Demand for your Company’s Products and Services
By Jeff Ogden
41 pages
download it on FindNewCustomers.net

Mindful Marketing
Begin marketing your business without selling your soul
By Jenn Givler
10 pages

Banish Bad Habits
How to free yourself from Bad Habits Forever
27 pages

Summary of the book Green for Life
by Victoria Boutenco
About Raw Foods
7 pages

52 Simple ways to get what you want
by Marcia Wieder
54 pages


One response to “EBooks… I will gladly share…

  1. Yvonne,

    I have been networking for 6 months and have found the experience fascinating. Meeting and identifying the differeent personalities has become much more interesting than I ever imagined. Never even thought about it before I started. Can you recommend a book that focuses on personalities of people?

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