Be Safe With Social Networks

Over the years Facebook has become one of the most popular social networking sites. Everyone is using Facebook for either business or personal. From anyone that is a teen to people that are retired. Being a way to meet new people and to interact around the world.

Just like pretty much any thing, you have to be careful. When people share their personal information, this is where the risks take place. Learn the profile and personal settings on social network before using them.

One of the buttons that are important is the privacy option setting. This let’s you decide who and what you want to share. When people share too much information on social networks, it can be risky. People may take advantage of Facebook and use it for malice.

Make sure when you set up an account you create a password that only you know. Birth dates and nicknames would be the first guess of a hacker. Also make sure you don’t leave your password laying around for others to see.

A tagged picture of you is another way for someone to harm you. They could edited them and turn them against you. There has been an image that was edited and spread though Facebook. If you know and want to send a picture of you, send it in a personal message. Don’t post it online.

Just keep in mind that social networking is worldwide. Everyone can see and read what you are up to.

James Hickey

Master Business Consultant

James Hickey is a top leader in the Internet Marketing industry.  He provides his clients and students with a proven Internet Marketing system for retail, self-employed individuals and home-based businesses.  He is skilled in all aspects of Internet Marketing including Video/Article Marketing, Blogging, Google PPC, E-mail Campaigns, Lead Generation and Social Media Marketing, dominating Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and much more.


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