Billy Singh of Zen Ohs Acupuncture is amazing

Eric Koppelman  –

Billy Singh of Zen Ohs Acupuncture is amazing!!!!!

I have suffered from lower back pain for years…one visit and I am 75% better than I was when I walked through the door. I can hold my son without back pain!!! His manner is so comforting and professional.

This is not a paid testimonial….


2 responses to “Billy Singh of Zen Ohs Acupuncture is amazing

  1. I, too, am going to Billy Singh and I agree. His manner is very comforting and his treatments have already made a noticeable difference in my demeanor and weight loss. I highly recommend seeing Billy if there’s anything bothering you. Acupuncture is an amazing and highly respected form of therapy.

  2. I suffered from pain since December 26, 1981, when I slippped just one step carrying my baby. Since then have taken thousands of painkillers, ruined my stomach lining over the years, threw up blood several times, gained weight because I could not exercise anymore. Last summer, my physician asked me to get an MRI since I could not drive much, which for someone in sales, is a death sentence! I have two herniated disks above the tail bone. I didn’t want sugery. I took Chinese medicine prescribed my Billy Shonez Singh, my healthcare provider at Zen-Ohs Acupuncture. In less than 8 weeks the pain is GONE! Since then my wife and I have been able to travel to have fun in Thailand, a 19 hour flight each way! I had forgotten what it is like to wake up in the morning without pain. I am willing to show my medical records to anyone who wants to see them.
    This bright young, dedicated young man has changed my life for the better. Everyone should have a son like mine, Billy Shonez SinghMS,L.Ac., Dipl. CH (NCCAOM)!!!

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