I have a leak…

No, I am not kidding…

Yesterday with the downpour we had to put a bucket under the leak in the ceiling. Howie thought he had fixed it. At least he spend a lot of time doing something to the area where he thought the problem started… But yesterday it became clear that the problem is not solved at all. I am glad the ceiling did not come down all together 😉


Are you an expert in fixing ceiling leaks? Please let me know if I can barter with you. I am willing to hand out your business card at the meetings when you can not attend, I will give you exposure on this blog and on the Facebook page for the group in exchange. I will make you a sponsor on the Meetup pages and will write a testimonial about your work. We can talk about the details of the barter offer face-to-face.

Please email me at LIEntrepreneurs@yahoo.com if you can and are willing to help me!!!!

I am drowning….



One response to “I have a leak…

  1. Hi Yvonne and Howard. I may be able to help you and your leak if you already did not find someone. i of course would need some details on the leak but call me if you like 516-342-5800

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