Raffle Gifts July 13th meeting

1.    Our optician, Arthur Singer (who saved my eyes… NEVER USE VISINE is all I can say!!)  http://www.opticmasters.com is offering a FREE eye exam

2.    Eileen Lichtenstein, life coach, very listening ear and CEO of http://www.balanceandpower.com will hold a FREE session to see if she can help someone reach new heights

3.    Mitch Gold, Classic Home Services, has generously offered a FREE carpet cleaning, http://www.LIPainting.LI. He will get even the worst pet stains and odors out… I can give you a testimony of that.

4.    Neil Ackerman, Licensed Massage Therapist – RTTouch2@aol.com offers discounts on any massage or massage package

5.    Mark Siegel, master clinical hypnotherapist at the New York Institute of Hypnosis is offering to hold a FREE stress management and relaxation session – http://NYIH.org.   I have heard some stories about his sessions… you should try it 😉

6.    Bruce Chamoff, CEO of http://www.HotWebIdeas.net, will create a Free Facebook Fan Page for your company (created like a website). This multi-talented guy also is a musician, public speaker about all kinds of internet and social media subjects and has a very cute daughter 😉

7.    Dr. Lidia Epel, D.D.S., will do a complimentary exam including 4 bitewing X-rays for you (value $190), http://www.EpelDDS.com

8.    Melinda Molnar is an independent distributor with The Pampered Chef, www.pamperedchef.biz/melindasmolnar She is offering a FREE kitchen show

9.    James Stephens, http://www.Mazzitechnologies.com (collaborate business solutions) is going to evaluate someone’s website for FREE

10.    Yvonne and Howard Bisk – http://www.HowardsHomes.com – are offering 3 copies of the Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh CEO of Zappos.com, Inc.

11.    Betsy Maniotis http://www.BetsysBaskets.com offered a beautiful gift basket

12.    Dolores Persky of http://responsibleparentsforeducation.com  offered a free oil change at 3270 Sunrise Sales Inc in Wantagh  http://www.sunriseautogroup.com

13.   Yvonne and Howard Bisk – https://www.YoungLiving.oprg/hoyo888 – also gave away 5 gift certificates of $25 for Crossroads restaurant in Hicksville


One response to “Raffle Gifts July 13th meeting

  1. Thanks, Yvonne. I am multi-talented and have a cute daughter? What more can I guy ask for?


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