Dirt! The Movie

‘Dirt’ is a fantastic new film fresh on the scene after premiering at ‘Sundance’ in 2009. Inspired by William Bryant Logan’s book “Dirt: The Ecstatic Skin of the Earth”, this film takes an investigative look into the history and current state of the living organic matter that we come from and will later return to. It is a winner of many film festival awards including “Best Green Documentary” and “Best Film for Our Future” and is high on our list of recommended documentaries.


In this film you will witness:

  • Children uncovering the secrets of soil fertility and eating from edible schoolyards
  • Farmers and agronomists re-discovering sustainable food production
  • Small villages standing up for the right to feed their families
  • Scientists discovering connections with soil that can help reduce global warming
  • Inmates finding inner peace and job skills in a prison horticulture program

One response to “Dirt! The Movie

  1. Enterprenuers… if you like the film, help out Common Ground Media, Inc., a a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation under Section 501(c)(3) – we are seeking corporate sponsorships to help provide funding to supply schools with the educational version of our film, distributed by Bullfrog Films.

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