Kohl’s cares contest…

What would your school do with $500,000 ???
KOHL’S CARES CONTEST: Vote for your school & share ideas for spending $500K



7 responses to “Kohl’s cares contest…

  1. I would like to vote for Lincoln High School in Stockton, Ca. In my opinion it is outstanding in all categories of education. The students are so lucky! Having 4 grandchildren attend Lincoln High sort of proves my point. $500k well spent.

  2. I am voting for Venerini Academy in Worcester Ma. I not only attended the academy, but also taught there. The Academy has been outstanding in every way. They recently had some misfortune and are in need of paying off a large bill and this would be a God sent miracle.

  3. I am voting for Ben’s Ford Christian School in Bogalusa, Louisiana, it is an outstanding school. The students and our community are lucky to have such a fine school that not only cares about the children’s academics but their lives as a whole. The children are learning to grow spiritually and academically.

  4. I am casting my votes for OLPschool in Lees’ Summit, Mo. A friends grandaughters go there.

  5. I am voting for Sycamore Science Academy, Wildomare, Ca my nieces son is going there and all schools could use some help

  6. I am voting for Notrth Ward Elementry School in Tuscola Illinois. It is a great school and i have one 9 year old child that goes there and another that will be joining in a couple years. this is a small town school that is filled with so much love and support. We could always use some help inproving things in our school district.

  7. Jacqueline C. Young

    I vote for Darby Elementary in LAUSD! They’re awesome!

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