Featured in the Action Long Island Newsletter: Ellen Richter

The Corporate Wellness Solution

The Corporate Wellness Solution of Long Island (TCWSLI) is revolutionizing the workplace by bringing awareness, knowledge, tools and fun to individuals within the work environment. Empowering each individual to achieve optimal health and wellness from the inside out creates a harmonious work environment that is beneficial to both the employee and the employer’s productivity. TCWSLI unleashes the inner power that comes with awareness and a “toolkit.” Easy and fun techniques to dissolve limiting beliefs and the acquisition of specific strategies empower each individual to make new authentic choices for wellness. We are the missing piece!

Theresa Milillo

After over 30 years of employment, Theresa left a traditional career in accounting to become a Life and Empowerment Coach.  She held positions of Accounting Manager and Director of Finance for employers on Long Island, in Virginia and overseas in England and Norway .  Theresa became passionate about conscious living in 1984. Eager to develop her awareness she studied eastern religions, spirituality, psychology, visualization, energy and metaphysical healing and the universal law of attraction.

Theresa is a certified Reiki Practitioner and a certified Theta Healing Practitioner and works with private clients.  Theresa recently combined her 26 years of awareness with mentoring and coaching colleagues in the workplace.

In April, 2010 she created The Corporate Wellness Solution of Long Island with her partner and Coach Ellen.  TCWSLI brings fun, interactive programs to Long Island businesses that teach techniques to employees to guide them to creating a life of growth, joy, fulfillment and a balanced and harmonious work environment.

Ellen Richter

Ellen Richter is an experienced EFT practitioner, Life/Wellness Coach and Reiki Master who uses the principles of the Law of Attraction to help people transform their lives. Her years of training and experience combine with her natural intuition, compassion and passion to help people live their fullest potential.

Ellen’s energy is contagious, her sense of humor keen, and her natural creativity an asset to finding solutions. Ellen has earned degrees in Psychology and Special Education, is a member of the elite Phi Beta Kappa society, and continues to further her education.

She is a published author, runs a successful practice,  and does private speaking engagements. Ellen’s mission is to empower people with the necessary knowledge and tools for success while guiding them through magical transformation.

She has recently co-founded The Corporate Wellness Solution with her partner Theresa to bring empowerment to the workplace. Ellen can be reached at 631 326 6116 or el@lawofattractionfun.com.


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