You Should Know About: Hydro-Fracking …

Thank you for the info

Hydro-Fracking is a process with which gas is extracted from the earth. It has taken place in several locations in the United States, contaminated every place where it occurred affecting drinking water, animals, and humans in its path. Now it is proposed in upstate New York which will directly affect our drinking water! For more info:

Dear Ms. Dean,

I’m told you are the person to contact regarding concerns over hydro-fracking. I’m not even sure what hydro-fracking is, but I wasn’t sure of the obvious dangers of underwater drilling until the Gulf oil spill. From reports, hydro-fracking sounds troubling. It seems it can cause LOTS of damage. Haliburton, a leader in the process has shown that they don’t have much regard for people’s concerns. EVERY EFFORT should be made to make sure the process is safe and backups to all negative possibilities are in place. Unlike the oil spill which we could see with our eyes, people dying from contaminated water will be a far longer, quieter process. I’m not an environmentalist, but I am a concerned citizen. I will not let future predictable catastrophes go by without making an effort to stop it.

Concerned Citizen
Long Island, NY

Email the EPA your concerns!!! Contact: Jill Dean – U.S. EPA –

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  1. Dear 516Ads

    THANK YOU!!! for the information you posted regarding hydro-fracking. This is so much a part of being proactive with our health. There was a documentary all about this called Gasland. If you got to the site, there’s a map of the U.S. and items to click on, as well as being able to click on individual states, giving more information about how you can take action, organizations working in that state, and if you put in your zip code, your elected officials come up with a sample letter to use as a guideline. Once you fill it out, just click submit, and it electronically goes to those officials that represent you. Also the phone numbers are listed, and it takes a minute to make a phone call to state your opposition, and that is taken into consideration too! So if you can, go on this site There’s also a trailer for the documentary, and while hydraulic fracturing sounds scary when reading about it, watching it really makes the information more powerful. It is imperative to take action, and let our government know that the health of our Earth and the health of our bodies is important to us! If you can post this it would be great! – Tami Racaniello –

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