HP ProBook 4425s powered by AMD

Doing business never looked so good!

Small businesses are the driving force in today’s market. Whether your business is the center of town commerce or is working towards futuristic inventions, technology budgets shouldn’t shape the direction your work takes.

That’s why HP and AMD are sponsoring your Meetup and innovating products made specifically for the unique needs of small business professionals. The HP ProBook 4425s notebook is one such product. With its high-powered AMD processor and customized HP ProtectTools security suite, this notebook is the ideal machine for your business. It takes the worry out of your IT and lets you focus on what you do best — all at an extremely affordable price.

Don’t let your computing needs limit your business – make them work for it. The HP ProBook 4425s provides excellent battery life and computing speeds as well as an array of features offering optimized performance to suit small business needs.

While you’re out there pursuing and driving your business, you can rest easy knowing that HP and AMD stand behind your efforts and will continue to support your innovation. Find out more about the HP ProBook 4425s powered by AMD here: http://bit.ly/HP_ProBook.

Connect with small business professionals and share tips and information at www.TheSmallBizNation.com and for even more information, follow http://www.twitter.com/HP_SmallBiz or http://www.twitter.com/AMD_Unprocessed.

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