The 5 Keys…

I was happy to be able to attend the JULY 27th workshop “The 5 keys to prevent disease and achieve optimum health” by Dr. Vanessa Troise and Eugenia Karaharias.

They discussed chow current day lifestyles can negatively affect your health and taught us how to counteract this with preventative care. Dr. Vanessa started the workshop by explaining that YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. And how leading a healthy lifestyle can keep you healthy. Start by eating the right foods. We all know heard about it: no processed foods, no MSG, no trans fats, less sugar, etc. Get enough sleep, which will boost your immune system, improves your brain function and reduces your cortisol levels. Exercise regularly. Not only may regular exercise prevent cancer, heart attacks and diabetes, it also leads to weight loss and less stress.

Eugenia then took over and before she did a live hypnosis session she explained how different clinical therapy hypnosis is so very different from what the stage hypnotists do. With the type of hypnosis Eugenia performs you will ALWAYS stay in control. She cannot make you quack like a duck or jump like a frog 😉

During the hypnosis session she concentrated on releasing weight and I must say that the next day, I had no desire to grab a snack. Eugenia has had major success in the area with Corey Milman, a 59-year-old sales representative from East Meadow, who underwent hypnosis six months ago, which he believes helped him to lose 61 pounds.

Read all about this success HERE

And a funny thing about modern technology: after the success story was published in Newsday, people Googled Corey, found his phone number and called him to ask for Eugenia’s info!!!

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