Do you like to ‘Pay it Forward’ ??

… then take a look at this. Right here, in Nassau County we have it!! Become a member of this group and check it out.

Bartering perfectionised (is that a word??).

Paying it forward in it’s best form!!

To explain it even better, watch this video. It brought me to tears.

One response to “Do you like to ‘Pay it Forward’ ??

  1. What a fantastic idea; thanks for sharing. There is always someone who is worse off than you are, and there are truly so many people in need. Many people are just a few paychecks away from being destitude. An unexpected job loss could force them and their family into a shelter in a matter of weeks. That’s a very scary thought.

    I think it’s important that those who can provide help or comfort in any way possible should take this as a great opportunity to do so. And if the day ever comes when I need help, I’d like to think there would be someone out there willing to help me.

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