After the meeting – September 15, 2010

Howard and Yvonne Bisk

I am repeating myself, but I have to say WOW again. What a crowd, what synergies, what a variation of occupations and what a wonderful meeting. Thank you all for coming. And thank you Billy Singh – – for a demonstration that was not only informative and interesting, it also made me feel REALLY RELAXED 😉

Crystal Polis

I really enjoyed coming to your networking event. I thought it was put together great and I met a lot of great people 🙂

Ralph Franzese – Northcoast Financial Group (office of Metlife)

First time present, I thought it was a warm and relaxing group easy to network and meet people. Introductions were a little too long. I attended the entire meeting but felt disappointed for those who did their introduction with only half the room present.

Larry Schweitzer

Good meeting. Just ran too long.

Wilma Zaltman

You did a wonderful job on your part. I found that many of the people when they came in came in groups, stayed together. I introduced myself but many were not receptive to enlarging their conversations. I spoke toward the end of the evening and many people had already left so I did not have an opportunity to meet them and they did not give out cards for contact.

Stephan E Jones – Mr. Jones Office Cleaning Services

I had a great time – people were very nice and respectful. This a great place to network. And I look forward to more networking with this group


One response to “After the meeting – September 15, 2010

  1. Great meeting- always a different mix of business types. Looking forward to your next event

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