Tough times… dangerous times…

During tough economic times like we are experiencing now, burglaries and robberies are happening more often. Be aware, be alert and lock doors and windows.

This true story and the rest of the info came from the Smithtown Momstown Group –
I was home alone this morning around 11:30am and a black man in a uniform -navy blue pants,light blue shirt, baseball hat and a clip-board rang my front door about 25 times – there was no car out front.  I was not expecting anyone. I then heard the dog barking at the back sliding glass door.  I tip-toed downstairs, looked around the kitchen corner and this guy was trying to pry open the sliding door.  I ran back up stairs called 911. He then rang the front door again and gave up while I was on the phone.  My back door looks like he was trying to get in with a big screwdriver or something.  Needless to say, thank God all my doors and windows were locked.

And so is this:
On September 9th, Rosh Hashanah, a private home was burglarized and all the cherished belongings stolen.  The “MO” (modus operandi) in that burglary is very similar to what happened to what is reported above.

Neighbors around the home reported that 2 females (african-american) were going around ringing peoples doorbells repeatedly.  When the residents answered, they were told these women were lost and ask for directions, while it was believed a male was in the rear of the houses.  At the particular home that was burglarized, the resident had just left.  When the cleaning lady arrived, she was approached by 2 f/b’s who told the cleaning lady they were lost and kept asking for different directions.  It is believed this was done to distract the cleaning lady.  When she finally entered the home, it was discovered that the front window was wide open and the home had been burglarized.  The women were gone.

The sergeant informed me that the Town of Smithtown has a “No Soliciting Law”, which the police also use as a tool.  Nobody is allowed, legally, to ring your doorbell soliciting for anything (candy, magazines, etc.).  He told me that these are grounds for an arrest and also an opportunity for the police to identify these people based on a 911 call.  So if someone is seen walking around with clipboards and look like they don’t live in the area, you MUST call 911.  If the police respond they can remove these people to the 4th to ID them and for further investigation.   HE FURTHER STATED THAT WHEN THEY GET PICKED UP IN A CERTAIN AREA, EVEN FOR PEDDLING, THEY DON’T USUALLY RETURN because they know that everyone is on to them.

When I once interviewed someone who had committed 30+ burglaries, I  asked him what it is that they look for before picking out a house.  He told me that if it was garbage day and the cans were still in the street, they looked further. But the most important thing I have heard, over and over again, is that if there is a car in the driveway they usually won’t pick that house. I know a lot of you put your car in the garage but you may want to rethink that when there is not going to be anyone home or if you are away on vacation. Leave a car in the driveway. Leave some lights on and always make sure that your sliders are locked and either put a cut broomstick or other type in the track so that even if they open the lock, they still can’t open the door. You should also make sure that, when you go out, all your windows are locked.

This is not a time to be politically correct or feel like you are stereotyping someone. Bottom line is our homes are getting broken into and we are probably the only ones that can help stop this.  See someone that doesn’t belong around here?  CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY.  The more urgent the call is, the more likely they are to respond immediately.

I  also know a lot of you have your home alarmed but don’t normally use it. Now is the time to turn that alarm ON.


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