Long Island Fear Fest and Bayville Scream Park

Long Island Fear Fest

There are some Things which need to be seen to be believed. Some Things, which when the veil of darkness is peeled back, are like looking into the face of madness. This October, when Fear calls… Will you be strong enough to answer?

This October, in the heart of Old Bethpage, Halls of Terror Productions is proud to unleash…Long Island Fear Fest 2010. Long Island’s Premier Haunted Attraction. Bigger and badder than ever, The Fest waits in the darkness…ready to devour you. Enter a labyrinth of chaos which will chill your bones at every turn. Come worship Us and open the doors of room after room of dark delights. Explore the murky passageways and dank dungeons but beware…if you rouse the Demons of the Fest and the tortured souls that they have imprisoned, We will take you as well. Allow Us the pleasure of re-making you…of changing you…of tearing your soul away and sending you home…different.

Hours of Operation: Open 7:00 pm – Midnight, $12.00 per person. R.I.P. Pass $20.00. Not recommended for children.

October Days: 9,10,11,15,16,17,22,23,24,27,28,29,30,31




Bayville Scream Park

Every year the doors of the Bay Family Mansion are unlocked. The ghosts and ghouls come out to play. They invade all of Bayville Adventure Park. Bayville Adventure Park transforms into a spooky world of frights and surprises to become Bayville Scream park. Featuring Bloodworth Haunted Mansion, Uncle Needle’s Fun House of Fear, Temple of Terror, Zombie Pirates and Evil in the Woods!

Tickets are $14.75 per attraction, VIP speed pass $21.75 or buy combo passes for all halloween events. Fridays and Saturdays, 6pm-Midnight, Sundays and Weekdays 6pm-10pm from September through Halloween and extended to November 7, 2010. Kids “Not So Scary” days on Saturdays & Sundays from 11am to 6pm. Bloodworth Manor and Funhouse of Fear (not appropriate for younger children) and not open during the daytime kids show.

Bayville Scream Park, 8 Bayville Avenue, Bayville



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