Employer Intern Opportunities with Dowling College

Dear Employer,

My name is Lauren Behr and I am the new full-time Internship Coordinator for Career Services at Dowling College.

Thank you for showing interest in Dowling’s Internship Program! Here at Dowling College, an  internship is an educational opportunity which integrates college coursework with professional experience in public and private sectors. As a participating employer, your company can benefit from utilizing educated, talented and enthusiastic candidates, while reducing recruitment and training costs.

I was wondering if you had any available internship opportunities for our students for the Spring 2011 semester.

If you do, please email me an internship description for this position so I can send it out to our students according to major. I will then email you resumes of interested students as I receive them!

Also, to aid you in the recruitment of candidates for an internship and part-time or full-time employment, Dowling provides a free online registration tool which can be accessed at: https://dowling-csm.symplicity.com/. Select “for employers” to register.

Simply create a company profile and post the position description. This is a password-protected site accessible by Dowling College students and alumni only.

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Lauren Behr
Internship Coordinator for Career Services
Dowling College
Oakdale, NY 11769
phone: (631) 244-1137
fax: (631) 244-1081
email: behrl@dowling.edu

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