The raffle gifts at the October 12th meeting were…

1.    Our optician, Arthur Singer is offering a FREE eye exam

2.    Eileen Lichtenstein, life coach and CEO of will hold a FREE session to see if she can help someone reach new heights

3.    Singles event organizer, Gail Adams, is offering $20 off a singles events of choice (and she has tons of events each month).

4.    Dr. Vanessa Troise, D.C., P.C., is offering a FREE exam at her Gentle Chiropractic Care Center,

5.    Mitch Gold, Classic Home Services, has generously offered a FREE carpet cleaning, http://www.LIPainting.LI

6.    Janine Grant (M.S. Nutrition and Exercise Physiology),, will do a Personal Training Session with you for only $25 (regular price $75)

7.    Mark Siegel, master clinical hypnotherapist at the New York Institute of Hypnosis is offering to hold a FREE stress management and relaxation session –

8.    Bruce Chamoff, CEO of, is offering FREE sponsorship on 4 local Long Island websites (value $150)

9.    Robert Masone, Minuteman Press-Deer Park, offers to print 1,000 full color business cards for you (graphics not included).

10.    Stephen Jones, CEO of Mr. Jones Office Cleaning Services is offering a FREE cleaning for a small office,

11.    Sharon Leid,, is offering 50% discount on the Symantec Endpoint Registry Anti Virus Protection – the Business Edition (regular price $120).

12.    Rev Wilma Zaltman,, will hold a FREE 30 minute session “Clearing Obstacle to Happiness” – altering problems into prosperity

13.   Two pages of editing (anything of your choice) was offered by Carole Traster-Wilk, foreign language editor and translator –

14.   One hour of free tutoring in French, Italian or Spanish Carole Traster-Wilk, foreign language editor and translator –

15.   A 1 hour BFF photo shoot,, a wonderful gift for your own child or as a holiday present to a cousin or friend, was given away by Howard Rosenthal, photographer.


3 responses to “The raffle gifts at the October 12th meeting were…

  1. Fantastic group=fantastic raffles!
    See you all 10/28 when I’ll be guest speaker with Bill McCartney of We’re excited to present
    “Secrets for Focused Goal Settinmg & Business in Business” .

  2.’s important to proofread!! The send button has no mercy 🙂
    “Secrets for Focused Goal Setting and Attainment in Business”
    is our presentation.

  3. You run these things nicely. I am glad Arthur introduced me to this group!

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