The pictures of the wonderful and very successful FUNDRAISER / BUSINESS NETWORKING event can be seen at

Click on the date on the right side of the page (11-9-10)

Honoree at the event was Joseph Satriano, founder and trustee of the Susan Satriano Memorial Foundation (http://www.SusanSatrianoFoundation). The fundraiser included a delicious buffet dinner; a Chinese Auction; 50-50 raffle; and a performance by Long Island Comedian Heather Height. One of the highlights of the evening was the unveiling of a painting, created and donated by Artist Debbie Viola ( who earned the distinctive Long Island’s Best of 2010 (and nominated for Long Island’s Best of 2011). Debbie painted the wedding picture which appears on the cover of Joe Satriano’s book ‘In Sickness And In Health: A Memoir Of Love’. The cover features two actors reenacting the wedding picture from Joe’s marriage to his beloved wife, Susan.

On behalf of the Long Island Entrepreneurs Meetup Group Yvonne and Howard Bisk were able to donate $405 to the Susan Satriano Memorial Foundation. This included $1 for every attendee at the meetings for the months of September, October and November donated by Yvonne and Howard, the proceeds of the Chinese Auction and the 50/50 raffle.

Special thanks to Steven Caicedo and Joe Laviero for donating their time and taking such great pictures

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