Debbie and Joe


Debbie Viola ( and Joe Satriano (www.SusanSatrianoFoundation) with the picture Debbie painted and donated to Joe.


3 responses to “Debbie and Joe

  1. Yvonne,
    Thanks so much for putting together such a great, meaningful event. I’m so happy to have been a part of it. And if Joe’s book goes into reprint, he can now use the painting I did on his cover, which is an authentic picture from his wedding day, instead of continuing to use the fake scene he was forced to recreate with actors. His story is so inspiring, it was my small way of helping.

    And kudos to you to have personally contributed over $400 to the Susan Satriano Foundation. You’re the best.

    Debbie Viola

  2. Sorry I missed it that night. Debbie, great job. I have Joe’s book. That would be cool to see your painting on the cover.

  3. Thanks, Bruce. It was a great event. I would be thrilled to see Joe have a meaningful cover for his book on the next run.

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