Always with Love, Reverence and Respect…

Hi Yvonne,

I’m sitting in my office waiting for my last client of the evening to show up.  In reading your email, I find I am so pleasantly at peace with my choice of networking group.  Thank you for all your sincere efforts.  Joe Satriano and Debbie Viola are lucky to have you as friend.

I scanned a copy of the two of the certificates that I won the other evening, and sent them to the actual winner which was Linda Haltman from Hallmark Abstract  She confirmed that she received the two of them.  They were for the Exibit Space Eileen Lichtenstein  I on the other hand, have already contacted and have an appointment with Rev. Wilma and I am thrilled!  I will be using the other Certificate that I won for Mark Siegel soon.

Today I was asked if I knew anyone that did Faux-Finishing.  I immediately remembered Debbie Viola –!  This networking is fun!

Have a relaxing evening!!!

Always with Love, Reverence and Respect,



One response to “Always with Love, Reverence and Respect…

  1. Thank you, Laura 😉

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