Do you have $1 ?

John Theissen of Wantagh, NY has helped many children for the past 18 years.  Because of financial reasons he may have to close down his foundation.  If each and everyone of us could just find $1 to donate we can help him stay in business.  Just think of the money we all spend at this time of year, take the change you receive after you purchase something and donate $1 to the John Theissen Children Foundation.


4 responses to “Do you have $1 ?

  1. With the economy destroyed thanks to bush jr., donations are at an all time low. That is why we need a socialistic democracy for the people to protect children,women,disabled,elderly&ill in place of the capitalistic,imperialistic republic that cares for no one but the corporation and the rich.

  2. Hi Yvonne,
    How did I not figure you would write a blog to help the John Theissen foundation. You a great person, always helping others.


  3. LOL
    I thought you knew me by now, Dolores 😉

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