After the meeting – DECEMBER 14, 2010

Gary Kane –

I really enjoyed it

Regina Finkelstein –

Wonderful event. Everyone had a chance to introduce themselves so I really got a taste of the industries represented, as opposed to random networking where you may meet only a few people in attendance.

Howard and Yvonne Bisk –

I thank everyone who battled through the freezing cold to attend the meeting on December 14th. You show that you are persistent in your desire to grow your business and make new contacts. And a special thanks to Teresa Ward of for giving a great presentation on How one Person can make a Difference. ”

Sharyn Glowatz –

Wonderful group of people! A productive, well-organized meet-up. Thanks Yvonne! ”

Wilson Louis-Elias –

The Long Island Entrepreneurs Meetup Group (LIEMG) has an excellent format for entrepreneurial networking. Their 12/14/2010 face-to-face meeting consisted of a dining experience, an LI small business successful story, a facing-the-group self-introduction of each attendee while organizers distribute your business cards, and raffles of products and services submitted by business owners. This format created an enjoyable business networking environment with opportunities for everyone. I am recommending the LIEMG face-to-face meeting to all small business owners because its format and setting brings exposures. Outstanding Meetup! ”

David Kass –

I loved all the gifts given out. I think that is a great way to introduce to the group, the effectiveness of our products and services. My one request would be to get some plain low cal healthy food i.e broiled chicken, or fish.

Howard Rosenthal –

Great meeting. Interesting speakers. ”

Ivan Princz –

My second time at this networking meeting and first time as a 30 second elevator speech, it was fun.


2 responses to “After the meeting – DECEMBER 14, 2010

  1. These meetings are always great!
    Happy Holidays & I’ll see you all soon 🙂

  2. I was the featured speaker at the December 14th event. I was honored to be asked to speak and finally meet Yvonne & Howard. They have created a wonderful group, Long Island Entrepreneurs Meetup Group. I am in many groups and organizations and I am going to make a point to come each month and network with this great group of entrepreneurs. Bravo Yvonne & Howard for a job well done.
    Teresa Ward
    Teresa’s Family Cleaning

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