Suggested 2011 Resolutions

By CMIT Solutions of South Nassau


I promise to..

  • Keep my Windows XP/Vista/Win 7 operating system up to date by doing the critical online updates and security patches.
  • Install and keep a quality anti-virus product current via regular online updates.
  • Use the Windows firewall or equivalent software to protect my PC from intrusion.
  • BACK UP MY DATA onsite and offsite!
  • Avoid the temptation to download “free” software,  games, screen savers and other “too good to be true” offers unless 150% sure of the source.
  • Avoid peer-to-peer media sharing activity. (Frostwire, Kazaa, etc.)
  • Avoid opening email messages and emailed file attachments from unknown senders.
  • Look before I click.  (Read the link; if it has .exe in it, then don’t click it.  Point at the link and look at lower left side of browser.  If it is not the site it claims to be, don’t click it!)
  • Change your passwords; don’t make them obvious and don’t write them on a sticky on the fridge.
  • Consider a proactive, automated approach to PC and network maintenance.
  • Sign up for QuickTips and encourage your friends to do the same!
  • Follow CMIT on Twitter, Blogger, or Facebook to stay well informed.
  • Set up an automated, encrypted backup system that BACKS UP MY DATA both onsite and offsite.

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