holiday decorations..

The holidays have just passed and most of you will be putting away the decorations around now. As most of you already know, I will be opening my very own daycare center in Levittown this year.
I am asking if you, your sister or cousin, your neighbor’s have decided to NOT STORE (some of) the decorations, but throw them out, to think of me. All lights and decorations that are still in good condition, please save them for me. I would like the house lit up and decorated as festive as possible this year!!
I am also still looking for:
– sheets, blankets, covers that fit playpens, children size mattresses, mats, etc. (only ones that have a plastic cover)
– storage units (plasticdrawer sets, large Tupperware boxes, etc.)
– dollhouses, little kitchens
– sound machine, bottle warmer, wet vac.
– outdoor toys (swing-set, slide, cars, playhouses, etc)

I will be forever grateful if you can help me make my dream come true!!!


PS I hope to see you this Tuesday in Plainview …


2 responses to “holiday decorations..

  1. Working on getting you picnic tables

  2. You will make your dream come true!

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